Rules of Conduct

  1. Illegal content will not be tolerated within any communication channels belonging to the Squad Frontlines community

  2. There will be no abusive posting/trolling on Discord, doing so will result in a one week suspension and, if the action is severe, removal from the tournament. All posts that coincide with the original negative post will be deleted.

  3. Personal attacks, insults or questioning a player's integrity by their views will not be tolerated. The actions listed will first be dealt with by the offender's General, repeat offenders or if the attack is severe will result in removal from the tournament.

  4. SF is a tournament for mature people, but people of all ages are welcome. However, if you play in SF and are underage we cannot be held responsible for the things you see or hear while on our server/discord. In other words, if you have a guardian who might be uncomfortable with this rule it’s better to ask them before you join.

  5. All personal disputes will be addressed privately and/or with an admin.

  6. Respect your Chain of Command; do not go straight to the admins unless it is a personal dispute as stated above.

  7. The admin staff welcomes all criticisms, advice, etc; however, you must use your Chain of Command in order to provide it. The HCO staff will then bring it to the admin’s attention during the weekly HCO meeting on Sunday.

  8. If you are wearing your army’s tags and are playing outside of the Squad Frontlines server you must remain professional at all times.

  9. It is imperative that you follow all rules laid out by the admins and your HCO staff, if you refuse not to; you will be removed from the tournament.