General rules

  1. Respect the Chain Of Command (CoC). This is a general rule to always keep in mind. The best way to report something is to tell one of your company officers.
  2. Squad Frontlines requires use of Discord and in-game voice communications. We require that you have a working microphone and use it. Some exception to the can be made for disabilities and special circumstances.
  3. All battleday communication through local and command chat shall be in English and all text discussions in Discord will also be in English.
  4. When joining a Division in any Campaign, a player will be assigned the rank of Recruit. Recruits must undergo a Basic Training course that will familiarize them with the fundamentals of Squad Frontlines as well as the Division they joined. Once passing this training, they will be promoted to Private. Recruits are not eligible to participate in battledays.
  5. Creating duplicate accounts or spying on another divisions strategies is strictly forbidden.

Campaign Rules

  1. A campaign is ultimately fought over a territory map. This territory map can be seen on the frontpage. Each territory has multiple maps assigned to it, from which the attacking division selects one (1) to play during the next battleday.
  2. The winner of the previous battle has the option to attack or defend. If attacking, they choose the territory and map to play. If defending, the other division chooses a territory and map to play.
  3. A campaign is won (or lost) based on whomever has more territories captured on the territory map. In the case of a tie the number of total tickets will be taken into account. In case of a very unlikely tie again, a extra battleday will be planned with a map of the admins choosing.
  4. If one team wins three Battle Days in a row the opposing team will be given ten (10) minutes to dig in FOBs and defenses each round.

Battleday Rules

  1. Battles start at the time designated in the Situation Report (typically 1800 UTC). They will progress over four (4) hours with as many rounds as necessary to fill that time.
  2. Battle scores are computed by the sum of tickets won during all rounds played. The division with the greater sum of tickets wins the battle.
  3. The round is live at time remaining 1:57 (an admin broadcast will remind you of this). Do not leave spawn, fire your weapon, or enter a vehicle before the round is live. Battles will go live on the hour, it is imperative to join the server shortly before the battle begins.
  4. Each round has a five (5) minute break; every other round has an additional five (5) minutes for a total of ten (10). Use this time to empty your shit bucket and grab a new beer.
  5. The first round of the day will see each Division on their respective in-game Faction (COAL starts on US, OPP starts on RU). Sides will switch on subsequent rounds. This helps balance and map or faction bias.
  6. An admin will be placed on each side in the BFCO company to remain in communication with that division of any battle info or rule violations. The admin should be in a spectator cam but may play as the BFCO sees fit if deemed necessary.
  7. In game voice chat should be the only voice chat used during battles. Use of third party programs or servers during battleday are forbidden; the only exception is the Squad Frontlines Discord server.
  8. Absolutely NO ingame all chat is allowed during battle.
  9. On the end of the final round on a battle day, voice and text chat to the other side is allowed. Congratulations and friendly banter only.
  10. On battle day, a player shall wait for their commanding officer's approval to enter the server. When the squad is at capacity, the player should use the assigned waiting rooms for their team. The management of a waiting list is up to your division’s HCO staff.
  11. When you join the server, immediately switch to the correct side and join the correct squad. Do not disrupt, check the ingame map or listen in to the other side.
  12. Vehicles are unlocked by the admins on battleday, They shall not be taken unless approved by the BFCO (Battle Field Commanding Officer). A vehicle can be assigned for the whole battle or individually, this is at the discretion of the BFCO.
  13. Kit assignments are at the discretion of your Company Commander.
  14. If no Company Officer is online the replacement is up to the BFCO, by default it will be the next rank down present.
  15. Spawn points of any kind are not allowed in water. Laying underwater is also not allowed.
  16. Streaming is forbidden during battle day unless approved by the admins. If approved, a delay of 30 minutes is required. Recording of any kind may be released at the conclusion of the battle.

Depending on the severity, violation(s) can result in forfeit of the round in which the violation took place for the team of the offending person(s). If it is deemed that one person is the only person liable for any major violation(s) it will be at the discretion of the tournament admin(s) to take any or none of the corrective action(s). Violators of any of the above rules may be removed from the battle with or without warning. Repeated offenses may see the violator removed from the tournament.

Forum / Discord rules

  1. Keep the SF Discord and site clean from all discussion about religion, politics and subjects that might raise heavy personal concern.
  2. Squad Frontline is a tournament for mature people, but people of all ages are welcome. However, if you play in SF and are underage we cannot be held responsible for the things you see or hear while on our server/discord In other words, if you have a guardian who might be uncomfortable with this rule it’s better to ask them before you join.

Note: Any of these rules are subject to change at the discretion of the admin staff.


You probably already saw the many abbreviations floating around and may have felt lost, well have no fear because the dictionary is here. Once you go over these you'll be an expert in most Squad Frontlines language.


  • HCO : High Commanding Officer : ranks from Major up to General
  • CO : Commanding Officer : ranks from 2nd Lieutenant up to Captain
  • NCO : Non Commissioned officer : ranks from Corporal up to First Sergeant
  • BFCO: Battle Field Commanding Officer: This is the guy in charge of the battle, he'll be giving out the orders to all the squad leaders for that round.
  • AAR: After Action Report: A small report that each soldier writes to his CO, this way everyone can learn the division's weaknesses and adapt

Officer Ranks

  • Gen : General
  • Col : Colonel
  • Maj : Major
  • Cpt : Captain
  • 1Lt : First Lieutenant
  • 2Lt : Second Lieutenant

Enlisted and NCO Ranks

  • 1Sgt : First Sergeant
  • Sgt : Sergeant
  • Cpl : Corporal
  • Lcpl :Lance Corporal
  • Pfc : Private First Class
  • Pvt : Private
  • Rec : Recuit (where everybody starts before completing basic training