What is Squad Frontlines?

Squad frontlines, also known as Frontlines or SF, is a community-based tournament for large-scale Squad battles.
Unlike any other online tournament you might have enjoyed so far, anyone can join and participate without having to try out first. Soldiers are made, not born!
Therefore, the only requirement we have is the desire to be a part of something bigger then yourself.
SF is about group achievement, without regard to your skill level. You don’t sign up with an already established clan/team. We provide the teams, called divisions (see below), for you! In doing this we provide a place for players looking for a better, more organised place to play Squad than public servers so far provide.

SF offers a place to meet new friends from all over the world. A place where everyone can contribute and improve through effort and hard work. A place where the concept of TEAM reigns supreme.

How are these Divisions organised?

Each division has a strict hiërachy, or Chain of Command, in which the General reigns supreme. The general forms his own HCO and CO-staff.

HCO stands for High Commanding Officer who ranks above Captain. It is up to the General to decide the role for each HCO.
For example a Colonel who is a great strategist, a Major who is great with bootcamp training ..

The General also chooses who will lead his Squads, or companies as we call them. The CO’s (Captain and Lieutenants) are responsible for scheduling trainings and intelligence gatherings for their assigned objectives on battleday. This way each company is trained and ready for battle.

What is the correct Chain of Command?

NOTE: The listed tasks below can be altered by the General in advantage of your Division.


  • Gen : General
    • The General is appointed by the Admin staff and answers to them. He/She then gathers around a staff to assist him/her in the running of their Division. This group is given a large amount of autonomy in how they organize and run their Division provided they adhere to the core concepts set forth by Squad Frontlines.
  • Col : Colonel
    • Colonels are the second in command. Their job is to make the general's job easier. They assume full responsibility alongside the general.
  • Maj : Major
    • Majors assist the general with supervising trainings, answering new recruits' questions, giving out promotions, handing out medals, and alot more. If the general is offline they will be able to assume full responsibility.


  • Cpt : Captain
    • Captains are the commanders. They will be leading squads into battle and helping the general command the troop. Captains are trained to take over general if needed and will lead mission briefings and will help draft up the strategy used in the battle. Captains will also be assigned a company and will have to schedule training sessions with the company.
  • 1Lt : First Lieutenant
    • First Lieutenants are the right hand men of the companies Captain. They will assist the Captain with everything involved with the company from promotions to training. They will be training to take command of entire armies in case of emergencies. They are apart of mission briefings and apart of strategy plannings for future missions
  • 2Lt : Second Lieutenant
    • Second Lieutenants will be a part of mission briefings and a part of strategy plannings for future missions. They will be training to take command of entire armies in case of emergencies. On the battlefield Second Lieutenants will be in fireteams with the squad leader in case of emergency using any kit ranging from medic to anti-tank.


  • 1sg : First Sergeant
    • First Sergeants are the defensive fireteam leaders. They will be in charge of defending objectives from coalition forces with 3 other members of the squad (up to squad leader). These troops will be loaded out with light machine gun kits and in the future heavy machine gun kits.
  • Sgt : Sergeant
    • Sergeants are the future leaders. These members are experienced veterans of the battlefield with many battles and trainings in many differents squads, companies, and specialized forces. Sergeants will be trained to run squads if needed in case of emergency.


  • Cpl : Corporal
    • Corporals are a refined group of forces that have proven to be "gods among men". They will be allowed to apply for special squads such at Armored squads, Captains squads, Generals squad etc.
  • Lcpl: Lance Corporal
    • Lance Corporals are the more skilled forces, using the kit that will help them. Every squad eventually will have a Lance Corporal medic, a very experienced medic who has proven to save many lives.
  • Pfc : Private First Class
    • Private First Class are the majority of the forces and will be using the kits assigned to them.
  • Pvt : Private
    • Privates are the base riflemen class unless certain roles need to be filled. They consist of new members. After a training session they will become a private first class.

Are trainings mandatory?

This depends on your HCO/CO staff. They will make sure to inform you which trainings are mandatory.
However Squad Frontlines has a tournament rule that you have to at least participate in 1 training if you want to take part in that weeks battle.

How long does a campaign last and how do they work

Every campaign lasts 10-12 weeks with 1 battle played each weekend. For each campaign you pick a side; Coalition or Opposition and you stick with that side untill the end of the campaign. Both sides will fight each other on weekly battles for the duration of the campaign.
Depending on the outcome of each battle your division wins or loses territory on the Campaign map. At the end of the Campaign one side is declared victor, the rosters are cleared, new Divisions are created, new Generals are named and you will again be sorted into a different Division.
This is one of the major advantages in our system: you’re not stuck with the division you started your first Campaign with. You can change at the end of each campaign!

Specific information about battle times, basic rules, lengths,.. can be found on your dashboard, named “Situation Report”. You can play as little or much in the battle as you like. Only have one hour? Cool, talk to your CO and hop in. Can you play the whole time? Awesome!

How big are the teams on battleday

As big as the game supports, so right now this will be 35 vs 35, If one day Squads support 100 players then we'll go to along to 50 vs 50. SF stands for large scale battles!

This said its the responsibility of the HCO's and CO's to make sure that he can field enough players to fight on battle-day, if they cannot field enough players at the start then the battle will still continue and they have to play with a shortage of players.

When will the battles take place?

Battles will always take place on Saturday 18.00 - 22.00 (GMT) / 13.00 - 17.00 (CST). Time during the week is filled with trainings to prepare for the battles in the weekend.

What do we use Discord for?

Discord is used for the day to day communications, make announcements, gather for trainings or meetings and just to communicate/have fun with your fellow soldiers.

On battleday we use ingame voice chat but when the server is full on battleday we can communicate with people waiting to get into the server and the people ingame.

Is Squad Frontlines free?

We aspire to keep the gameplay of Squad Frontlines free. In the distant future it might be possible that we will charge for small things that do not affect the gameplay, for example: $5 to choose your own side, but free if you choose a random side.

Can i become a HCO or a CO?

Everyone can climb as high up the ladder as he/she wants to. Want to become a HCO, CO, or even a General? Work hard, play fair and you’ll get there!

Are there only infantry companies or are there specialised companies?

If your General sees the need for a specialised unit (tank, logistics, special forces,..) within his Division he/she will create them and hold try-outs for this specific specialised unit.

What do the admins do around here?

The admin staff is an awesome group of people who work hard to organise everything around the tournament.
Generals are responsible for their own Division, and will sort out any issue within his/her division. They can always ask for our expertise.

However, if we notice people taking advantage of their rank we will intervene.