Donating to the tournament

Running a tournament is not only hard work but there are also several costs involved, primarily the game server and webhosting. Any donation is welcome and will be put to use to make the tournament grow! We believe in an open books policy so you know where your money is going. We will be updating the donation amounts weekly (on Sunday) to provide some privacy of donators and to keep the admins' focus on providing a solid tournament experience.

Thank you!



US Dollars (monthly) Service/Product
80 Game server through BlueFang Solutions
3.75 Web hosting and domain registration
83.75 Total

Future goals:
We would like to upgrade our current gameserver to a dedicated server. This will allow us to run multiple game servers (battle, practice, and public) without interference with one another. 
Cost:  ~ $150/mo (Currently viewing GameServers @ $110/mo, but may need better hardware)

Right now we are running our website on a cheap shared hosting (way to think ahead, xb) and would like to move it to Digital Ocean once we are ready to launch the new website. While we could host the site on the dedicate game server, we want to keep the processors separate so neither service is interrupted by the other. 
Cost: $20/month (We believe this should be enough for a nice, speedy site, but we may find the need for more CPU/RAM)

Donations received

Updated weekly on Sundays

$47.75 - 02/19/17
$107,64 - 02/26/17

Current Bank - $107,64