Core Concepts

A General has large amounts of autonomy in how he/she organizes and runs his/her Division. However, there are some core concepts that make up the backbone of Squad Frontlines.


Respect for the chain of command:

  1. A General runs the division alongside his/her HCO staff. In turn the Captain and CO staff run the companies under command of the General.

  2. CO’s are responsible for making sure that their company is trained. The HCO’s have to supervise that this is indeed happening in a correct fashion.
    If for example, a soldier from Company Alpha is misbehaving in either Discord, Training or Battle then it is up to one of his CO’s to correct him/her. Make shit run downhill.

  3. On battle days the companies will play together in a squad in game. The one Squad Leading in game should be the highest in rank.

  4. HCO’s will be BFCO on battleday, and will order which company does what on the battlefield. This is done according to the strategy that was made before the battle and trained on by the companies.


  1. To achieve highly organized battles there needs to be a fair share of dedication. This means that a strategy should be made in the beginning of the week (preferably on Monday, Tuesday being the deadline)
    so that the companies can train on their objectives for the battle on Saturday.
    During the strategy discussion, the HCO staff will also need to decide how many slots each company gets on battleday, which vehicles will be assigned to which company, and so forth.

  2. Companies in turn have to make sure that their soldiers have been trained. Meaning that if a soldier wants to play in that week's battle he should at least attend 1 training for that battle and understand
    exactly what task(s) he/she has. The website has the tools to monitor the soldiers training activities. We have the technology: use it!


  • A General has to make sure they place the right people in the right roles. They have to put a lot of thought into the formation of their specialized companies.
    Example: In the future, there will be an airforce and heavy tanks in game, possibly one of the next battles. Make sure there are passionate tankers playing in this role and not “your average joe”.

Visualization of the Chain of Command

Colors represent responsibilities of the rank in question