With forces amassed from both Opposition and Coalition along the borders of Kohat Toi, inevitable conflict looms over the vast region. With many in uproar, we have all seen on the news that the 6th Armoured Brigade recently launched a surprise attack this past Saturday, against the Coalition. With lighting speed, the 6th AB moved in and was able to severe the comms link between Coalition forces and General Rain. However, this didn’t stop the Coalition forces from retaliating, being lead by Colonel Orange, and though he sustained injuries in combat, he was still able to push back the Opposition, and claim victory. Spent casings, armoured husks, and seemingly endless amounts of Russian corpses now litter the river valley.

This act of war will not be forgotten by the Coalition, and the governments of the Coalition forces have pledged to see this through to the end. New rumors are breaking surface that the Coalition has already begun following the Opposition forces to Egypt, where the General Chaggy is regrouping his Opposition and strengthening their position for the Coalition forces that are coming.